Thursday Thoughts

Shooting Up
Bill and I went to Safeway yesterday to get our COVID booster shots. Apparently, the number of COVID cases at Wind Crest is increasing quickly. It seemed like the prudent thing to do. Bill had gone to the doctor for an unrelated reason a few weeks ago and they gave him a flu shot. Since I didn’t have a flu vaccination yet, I had Safeway give me one of those as well. It just feels like there are all sorts of bugs floating around the universe right now. Since we travel in relatively confined quarters these days, it feels like every day that went by without being vaccinated was a ticking time bomb. Since I was getting both a COVID booster and a flu shot, the woman giving the shot asked me if I wanted one in each arm or both in the same arm. I asked her if she had a preference. Her response? “It’s a choice between extreme pain in one arm or sharing the pain in both arms.” That seemed like a pep talk. I got both in my right arm.

Six Ball in the Side Pocket
Every morning from 9 until noon, the room with the pool tables is open for use. Bill has begun going to play pool every morning. It’s quite an unexpected hobby for my husband, but then Unexpected is his middle name. He is really enjoying it. He even ordered himself a fancy pool cue. When we go to one of the restaurants for dinner now, he is greeted by cheerful gentlemen who know his name. “Do you know their name?” I asked him the other night. “Nope, by I will work on learning,” he replied. I’m happy he’s having fun.

Evil Doers
Bill and I voted the other day, and the next day I delivered the ballots to a nearby drop box. I’m so completely over all of the political ads, just as I am every election season about this timer. Can the people really be that evil? I love the way the opponent is always in black and white. I have taken to just muting every single commercial, no matter what candidate it is or what party that candidate represents. The funny thing is that I think the large majority of people have already voted, so the money is a waste of time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for legalizing the sale of wine in grocery stores.

Peaceful, Easy Feeling
After returning from dinner last night, Bill and I poured ourselves an adult beverage and went out to sit on our balcony. It was pretty dark, but not yet very chilly. Bill had put up our patio lights the other day, so we were able to enjoy the pretty soft lighting. I don’t know for sure what everyone thought about our new life at Wind Crest recently when they were here for Bill’s birthday. What I can tell you is that Bill and I are very happy, and quite peaceful, with our new life.