Blue and Orange

I was up early yesterday morning to watch the Broncos play the Jaguars in London. I turned the television on at 7:30, and turned it off again at 7:45, after watching two Broncos series, one with a near interception, a four-yard run, and a sack; and the second with an interception right off the bat. I didn’t mind being up that early, as it’s unusual for me to sleep any later than 5:30. But one cup of coffee wasn’t enough for me to watch my beloved team SUCK.

When Bill woke up about 8, I turned the game back on in time to see the Broncos score a nice touchdown. Furthermore, they actually went on to win the game. There’s perhaps a moral to my story, but I’m not sure what it is.

People want to blame the Broncos’ new coach Nathaniel Hackett. I don’t know enough about football to know if it’s his fault. After all, sometimes we win. Three times so far this season. I have to admit that when the cameras pan to him on the sideline, he always looks like he is about to start crying. I’m pretty sure I saw him ask one of the girls who squirts water into the football players’ mouths whether she thought they should go for it or punt.

As for Russell Wilson — to whom Broncos’ organization is paying enough money to make a down payment on our national debt — is acting like he’s never played football before. I saw an interview with him on our local news station after they all landed in London. Russell proudly told the man with the microphone that while the rest of the team was sleeping, he was walking up and down the aisle doing high knees. Two minutes into yesterday’s game, I was thinking perhaps he should have caught a few winks after all.

As I recall, part of the Russell Wilson deal was that we gave up our first-round picks from now until my youngest grandchild Cole turns 21. So, we probably can’t think that there is always next year. But maybe by next year Wilson will have learned which color jerseys his teammates wear so that he has a better chance of throwing to the right team.

Bless his heart.

Other than that, it was a quiet and pleasant weekend. Oh, except for the fact that the results of our home inspection have made the people we hope are buying our home greedy. You could probably look at their side of the story and think we really should pay to have the house completely rewired. But if you took their side, we would be in a fight. Seriously, Bill and I want to be more than fair. However, I must remind the people that the house was built in the 1970s. Not a time of master building, especially given that construction supplies were mostly going to the Vietnam war effort. So blame it on Lyndon Johnson.

The Broncos are on bye next weekend, so fans have a bit of a breather. Court says this year, the Broncos just leave him confused.

It leaves us all confused, Son.

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  1. When I told Dave about Russell high steps on the flight to London he said he’s a nice guy but he’s a genuine nerd.

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