Thursday Thoughts

Lighting Up
In the course of trying to find something that Bec left when she was here this past weekend, I came across the lights that we had hanging over our patio at our Olive Street house. I had purposely brought them because I thought they would be pretty hanging on our balcony. Like many other things, however, I didn’t know where they ended up once we moved. In fact, I wasn’t even sure they had made it to WC. But there they were! I was very excited. Bill spent much of yesterday hanging the lights on the patio. Unfortunately, when he pressed the “on” button, nothing happened. I’m not sure what happened, but now that I have that in my system, I will find it completely necessary to buy some new lights!

Sounds Shady to Me
Even before we moved into our apartment, I met with — and ordered shades from — a professional window covering designer. I admit that I have never — in all my adult years and despite having owned three houses — ordered window coverings from a professional. Valances were the way to go for me, even after being told that valances were no longer in style. But this time I decided to pull up my big-girl pants and work with a professional to cover my windows. After all, it was the windows that drew me to this place, and I wanted something that showed them off the best. We met, she advised, I ordered, and I went home feeling awful about the money we were spending on window coverings. The installers came last week. After working for over an hour, they came to me to break the news that the shades were too wide. Whoever measured the windows did a very, very bad job, it seems. It seems to me that when you have one job — measuring perfectly normal windows — you should do it right. So, just as I waited literally weeks to get my shades, I am now back again, waiting for my shades. Argh. I should have just gone to Walmart after all.

I have mentioned before that Google algorithms have determined that, while Bill gets fed news about the stock market and Russian aggression, I get fed stories about the royal family, the Denver Broncos, and fashions. I can understand the first two, but being about the least fashion-conscious person alive, I don’t know why I get fed fashion info. But that’s why I can tell you that apparently the newest Paris fashions feature this look…..

Doesn’t the first woman look so sad. Her shoulders are even slumping.

With that….Ciao!