Celebrate Good Times

Since we arrived back in Denver at the beginning of May, it’s sort of felt like we were running a marathon. That’s probably not a great analogy. Still, we sort of hit the ground running and didn’t stop for several months. We, of course, spent most of the summer going through all of our things, tossing much, donating even more, putting green dots on everything we planned to bring with us, and begging our friends and relatives to take what was left. Still, there were three truckloads of things from which we just walked away and let someone else handle.

We finally moved into Wind Crest, and have spent the past three weeks or so getting settled into our new environment. Having a pinched nerve didn’t help one bit. It required me to sit and look at boxes of unpacked stuff longer than I would have wished.

I’m considerably better now, and we have started Ito really begin to get settled. We’re making friends, we’re getting lost less and less, I’m learning the system and the tricks necessary to maintain a pleasant life.

All of that was preparation for this past weekend. I can’t begin to describe the joy and fun and laughter we had celebrating my husband’s birthday. He was surrounded by ALL of his children, ALL of his grandchildren, his brother- and sisters-in-law, and many of his nieces and nephews. The Saturday party couldn’t possibly have been more joyous. There were lots of photos taken, none of which I’ve yet seen. (When I do, I will share.) Food and decorations and games and birthday cake (with an edible picture of his beloved Ferrari) and ice cream.

We were able to spend time with Heather and Lauren and the boys, who came all the way from Vermont to celebrate with their father/father-in-law/grandfather. The boys are growing up too fast, so I am thankful that they will be coming back for Christmas.

We also were able to spend time with my brother and his kids and grandkids (at least the ones who were able to come). They all came from AZ to party with their uncle and brother-in-law. Likewise, my sister Bec came to be part of the gang, and we were so happy that she was able to break in our new guest room.

A family gathering wouldn’t be a family gathering without Jen and her family. Maggie and Lilly came all the way from AZ as well to be with Bill (oh, and to see their mom/grammie). Jen and B.J. (along with his special friend Jen) rounded out the party numbers.

Now that things will be getting back to our new normal, I hope that I am a more consistent blogger. I thank all my readers for their patience.

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