A Post About Nothing

I am writing this post on Monday night in a desperate effort to avoid watching the Broncos embarrass themselves on national television. I hope with all my heart that I have to eat my words. It’s true that Russell Wilson seemingly appears to have remembered that he is a quarterback and that quarterbacks throw passes to people wearing the same color jerseys as he. Still, the Broncos on national television can find ways to shoot themselves in the foot. Hope I’m wrong.

Monday was a very busy day. We actually had a freeze Sunday night, the first time it got that cold since springtime in the Rockies. When we moved to WC, I brought along my big pot that contains chives and thyme, two of the herbs I use the most. I also use a lot of basil, but I don’t have good luck growing basil in pots. At any rate, I brought it in for the night, but it looks like the temperature will be temperate for the next week or so. Back out on our balcony it will go to enjoy the fall sunshine.

And THAT is good news, because this week is Bill’s 80th birthday, and we’re having a very gay celebration on Saturday. Heather and Lauren and the boys are coming in from Vermont to help him celebrate. My brother and most of his family are coming in from AZ, as is my sister Bec and my niece Maggie and her daughter Lilly. It isn’t every day that you turn 80, and Bill is much-loved by all.

I don’t want to jinx anything, so I won’t mention that we had some very good news from the couple who looked at our Olive Street house Friday morning — the first day it was on the market. Suffice it to say that a bottle of champagne might be opened this weekend to celebrate something else besides just Bill’s B-day.

We live about a mile-and-a-half from what is referred to as Highland Ranch Town Center. It really is the center of the HR universe. EVERYTHING we are looking for is in that area. Our bank, our Target, our grocery stores, my hair salon, Bill’s Sports Clip, sushi, Shake Shack; I could go on and on. It’s a very simple drive from our house to that part of HR, and we have made the drive so many times that I think the car could drive by itself. What’s more, if I bring my scooter here in the spring, and if I pull up my big girl panties, I think I could ride my scooter to the grocery store. That would make me very happy.

Today’s blog was like Seinfeld — a post about nothing. Go Broncos.