Friday Thoughts

Ready for Memory Care Already?
My first thought is that I have been so discombobulated by our move that I have forgotten what day of the week it is. I forgot that yesterday was Thursday, and posted a regular blog instead of my Thursday Thoughts. I have done that before, and have been surprised at how many people really missed my Thoughts. Who woulda thunk it? My thoughts are really not very profound.

No Place Like Home
Both Bill and I have lived in southeast part of the city the entire time that we have lived in Denver. We know it like the back of our hands. And now we live in the southwest part of the metro area, and we are like ducks out of water. Slowly, but surely, we are learning what things are in our new ‘hood and where they are located. One thing we have both discovered we are doing is that, given our unfamiliar surroundings, we both forget that we are still in the Denver metro area. We feel like we are vacationing in another state. I was driving home from getting a pedicure (a new salon after going to the same salon near our former home for 30 years), and the light turned yellow. Not surprisingly, people continued to drive through the yellow light, and then the red. “Wow,” I thought to myself. “People here drive just like in Denver.” Duh. Later that day, I was in the grocery store and saw a young man wearing a CSU sweatshirt. “OMG,” I thought. “He’s from Colorado.” Duh to the second degree.

Making Friends
Thursday morning I went to a gathering of women from Summit Square, which is the apartment complex in which we live. The women couldn’t possibly have been more welcoming. Later, throughout the day, I would see some of the women in the hall, and they made a point of recognizing me and remembering my name. Later this morning, I will join a gathering of women from just the second floor of Summit Square. (You remember our slogan: Second To None; I’m hoping we don’t have a floor song or a secret handshake.) I never thought I would be the kind of person who would enjoy socializing with others. I admit that I am tired of smiling by the end of the day. Still, I am enjoying meeting new people, all who are friendly and very intelligent.

Rock Steady
When we are in Mesa, Bill enjoys the boxing program — Rock Steady — which is designed for people with Parkinson’s (or PWP as the lingo dictates). We were delighted to discover that Wind Crest offers such a program. Yesterday was the first day he was allowed to participate (he first had to be evaluated to determine which level he was in). He enjoyed it so much, but the months of no boxing definitely took its toll. He was worn out the rest of the afternoon. He missed some of the activities offered by the Mesa RSB, but he will adjust, and undoubtedly will enjoy this program as well.


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