On the Dot

Today Bill and I cleaned out his closet. I cleaned out the cabinets in both bathrooms. I went through my pantry with a fine tooth comb, tossing everything that I could bear to toss. I even went so far as throwing away my cookie tins, or at least the large ones. I kept the smaller ones. By 1 o’clock this afternoon, I was limping around the house like Chester from Gunsmoke.

My instructions were to put green dots on the things that we want to take with us. At this point, I’m focusing all of my attention on figuring out what earns a green dot. Remember the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine has to figure out which of the men she dates is “spongeworthy?” I’m in a similar situation, figuring out what is “green dot worthy.” I keep reminding Bill that anything that doesn’t have a green dot will not come with us and he will never see it again.

We sign our paperwork on Wednesday and get our keys and possession of our apartment on Friday. I have to put a lot of green dots out there between now and Monday. Therefore, I am warning you that you likely won’t hear from this blogger until next week. I will try to drop in a time or two, but if you don’t see my blog, never fear: like the Terminator, I’LL BE BACK.

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