Crab is More Than Grass

Yesterday morning, we were on our way to Bill’s final audiologist appointment following the acquisition of his much-needed hearing aids. We were behind a Lyft driver at a stoplight, and the light turned green. The driver Lyft didn’t move. I waited a few moments, and gave a friendly honk. Well, to be honest , it wasn’t that friendly because as usual, we were in a hurry. The Lyft driver put on her blinker, indicating that she intended to turn left when she got the arrow. Unfortunately, she wasn’t in the turn lane. Poor soul. I roared around her, and I will admit that I wasn’t using Christian language. I was afraid to look back to see what carnage she left when she turned left out of a non-turn lane.

When we successfully merged onto I-225, I explained to Bill that I planned to give up getting angry at drivers for Lent. Then I realized that Ash Wednesday was 162 days away and it wasn’t even Advent yet.

“Well, of course I could give up getting angry at drivers right now,” I reluctantly admitted. “I guess it doesn’t have to be a Lenten sacrifice.” Crazy notion.

Unfortunately, it was that kind of a day. Thirty minutes later, we arrived at UC Health — which has a huge campus that comprises many kinds of health care. You might imagine that they have ample parking for such a huge campus. However, on that given morning every person in the Denver metropolitan area decided to visit UC Health, whether they had a doctor in that facility or not. “Honey, let’s go take a drive around UC Health and see if we stumble across any dead people.” I drove around every parking lot in the area, along with dozens of other hopeful drivers, and there was not an empty space to be found. I finally ended up dropping Bill off in front of the building, and heading off to have a cup of coffee at the ubiquitous Starbucks.

A bit later, Bill called to tell me he was finished with his appointment and ready to be picked up by his chauffeur his wife. He got in the car, and I was ready to take off when he noticed that his right hearing aid was missing in action. It had apparently come off when he removed his face mask. We looked and looked and looked. We prayed and prayed and prayed for St. Anthony’s (patron saint of lost items) intercession, all to no avail. The hearing aid is gone forever.

At this point, after having spent a fortune on window coverings, the $1,500 to replace one hearing aid seems like chicken feed. Still and all…..

I don’t know exactly why, but things just seem more difficult these days. I don’t know if it’s that the world has gone crazy, or just the fact that I’m getting older and less patient. Perhaps 20 years ago, I would have been amused by the fact that there was a distinct shortage of parking at a health facility.

The reality is that, despite yesterday’s blog post in which I stated that I was looking upon my messy house as a work of art, the mess is making me crabby. Once I’m settled into a clean, unmessy apartment, I will once again have a sunny nature.

Bill’s not holding his breath.