It’s a FamilyAffair

Little by little, things are disappearing from this house. Oh, don’t worry. We don’t have a secret burglar. Things are disappearing to our delight and with our blessing.

On Saturday, my niece Jessie and her boyfriend Rob came to pick up our piano. I was absolutely delighted weeks ago when she said she would gladly accept our piano for her home. It turns out she had purchased a keyboard a few weeks before we announced that we were moving, and has been studying the piano on her own using that keyboard and her iPhone. Jessie coerced her boss into helping move the unexpectedly heavy piano. Why it was unexpected is because a few years ago, we were putting in new flooring and didn’t know how to move the piano. It so happened that an electrician was doing some work. Bill offered him cash to help him lift the piano up one step back into the living room. Bill later professed that he did little work and the man lifted the piano completely by himself. The two men, along with Bill and Jessie (who probably weighs 100 lbs. soaking wet) got the piano to the truck/trailer, but had no clue how they were going to lift it onto the trailer…..

Fortunately (at least fortunately for us, though perhaps not them) our neighbor and a friend drove up at exactly that time. Using what few charms I have left these days, I convinced them to help lift the piano. It made it safely to their home, where Jessie immediately began practicing…..

On Sunday, Bill’s eldest, Allen, showed up to help clear out the garage. He worked for literally hours, even went as far as getting up in the attic above the garage to empty it completely out. In addition to a few more camping supplies, he found an old cash register that had been there when we moved in. He also found a wooden wine barrel with some dried-grapes, indicating that at some point, someone had used the grapes that grew on our back fence and at least attempted to make wine. Who knew? Not us.

As for Allen, he took the two travel bikes with which we never traveled and my beloved Weber grill. He also intends to return and take one of Bill’s tool chests along with some of his tools. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see these things go to a friendly home.

While Allen was busily cleaning our garage, Jll and Alastair arrived to pick up our outdoor dining table and the four chairs. “Where are you going to put them?” I asked her. “I’m going to replace the outdoor set you gave me years ago before you bought this set,” she replied. Again, good home.

When Court and his family come next Saturday, our patio will be pert near empty, and that’s a good thing.

In addition to the ancient cash register and the wine barrel, Allen also came across this sewing chest…..

I recognized it immediately. It belonged to my grandmother, and in those mysterious ways in which we end up with things, I ended up with her little chest. I used it for years, and have no recollection as to why it made its way to the attic above the garage. At any rate, I immediately called my sister Jen, and she is delighted to claim ownership. It needs a bit of dusting, perhaps some loving care, and perhaps a screw or two, but it belonged to Grammie, so it will be loved.

Finally, while going through a box that belonged to Mom and Dad (again, no clue as to how I ended up with it, I found a collection of photos. This was one that made my heart melt…..

The photo is of my sister Bec at about 5 years old. She rocked the crooked bangs for which we were all famous (though admittedly, hers has a bit of a perky swoop to the side).

I loved the buried treasure I’m coming across these days.

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