Thursday Thoughts

Strangers in the Night
Yesterday morning, our doorbell rang. I answered the door and there were two very pleasant-looking people standing there — a man and a woman. “Hi, are you Kris?” the woman asked. “Yes,” I answered tentatively. It so happens that it was the people from the estate sale company who our realtor had asked to come take a look to see if we have enough worth holding an estate sale. As it turns out, the said after we took what we want to take with us to Wind Crest, we probably wouldn’t even break even. My feelings weren’t hurt. In fact, the only feeling I had at all was used to having strangers come into my home and figure out how to help us move. The fact is, our real estate agent told me they were coming, but I’m so goofy these days that I had no recollection. She did agree to check into selling the parade saddle. That’s keeping me up at night.

Dust Bowl
Yesterday morning, Bill and I tackled our house attic (not to be confused with our garage attic). I knew that the predominant items in that attic were going to be Christmas decorations, and I was right. There were six full boxes or Christmas decorations that I haven’t touched for five or six years. Oh, and don’t forget the two artificial trees to go along with the three that are in the basement. Two of them will come to WC with us, but the others need to go bye-bye. I went through all of the items in the boxes and pulled out a few to take with us. It was like looking at all new decorations because I had forgotten what I had. After all was said and done, I’ve ended up with four full boxes to take to Goodwill.

Masons Anyone?
I also cleaned out some more cabinets in the kitchen. In fact, I’m almost done with the kitchen except for the pantry. I filled up an entire Whole Foods Bag with lids for the multitude of Mason jars I own. I did a lot of canning in my day, but I think that’s a pastime for, well, the past. I don’t see myself putting up tomatoes given that I won’t be growing them. I bet I have 30 jars of various sizes. The jelly jars I plan to give to Dagny for when she harvests her honey.

Visitors From the East
I FaceTimed with our Vermont family this past weekend. I was excited to learn that the four of them plan to fly to Denver for Bill’s 80th birthday celebration on October 22. This is their year to come for Christmas, so we will see them twice in the next few months. Hooray!


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