Thursday Thoughts

Think Green
This past Friday, while in Columbus, I had dinner with a few of my cousins at my favorite Columbus restaurant, the Husker House. HH was the restaurant at which my family celebrated all of it’s special occasions. Furthermore, my mother and father had dinner there nearly every Thursday and Saturday evening. It was a tradition. So, in honor of my parents, when we dine there, we always have a martini. And we finish our meal with a grasshopper in honor of my grandmother, who rarely drank, but if she did, it was a grasshopper after-dinner drink (and it didn’t matter to her if it was after dinner, before dinner, or during dinner). Cheers Grammie!…..

It’s Magic
In Tuesday’s blog post, I included a photo of the people who attended our reunion. Unfortunately, there were two people who were unable to be in the photo, though they attended the reunion. If you look in this picture, however, in the second row from the back, on the left side, you will see a man and a woman who were not in the photo I posted Tuesday. One of our classmates is a professional photographer. He must also be a very high-tech person (which perhaps goes hand-in-hand with photography today) because he was able to add those two to the existing photo. It’s like magic. I don’t understand how he did it, but I’m sure glad to have the included…..

When I woke up Monday morning, I didn’t feel very good. For one thing, I was very tired. But I felt congested and headachy and just a tad under the weather. Oh-oh, I thought to myself. Wouldn’t it stink if I had COVID, and gave all of my friends from this past weekend the virus. I’m happy to say that I tested myself and it came back negative for COVID. And after a couple of good nights of sleep, I’m feeling much better. I think we sort of forget that we can get other kinds of viruses besides COVID.

Locked In
Tuesday afternoon, my phone rings and it’s Court. He never calls, so I knew someone was dead. That’s how I roll. No one was dead, but he did sound a bit discouraged when he said, “Mom, we have a bit of a situation.” It turns out that the construction that is going on all around the apartment where they are temporarily residing expanded to the point that it was blocking their parking garage completely. This wouldn’t have been too much of a problem, except for the fact that they have three kids in three different schools. They needed a chauffeur and I had a car that wasn’t blocked in. I was happy to be the Lyft driver for the kids, because I never miss a chance to spend even a a short time with them.