Thursday Thoughts

We will soon be downsizing by some 1,600 square feet, which means we have to get organized and creative. We decided the other day that we needed some of those plastic storage bins that fit under your bed. We happened to be driving past IKEA, so we stopped in to see what they had. We left with a trial storage bin for which we had high hopes. Our hopes were dashed when the container was about an inch to high to fit under either of the beds we’re taking. So yesterday we hit the big gun: The Container Store. All Things Organization. We did, indeed purchase several boxes that fit neatly under either bed. We will definitely be going back to purchase a few more. We have a separate storage bin, but it is only 4′ x 4′. Heck, that will barely fit my Christmas tree. We are going to have to get clever about finding areas in which to store items.

High School
I mentioned before that, with the arrival of Maggie Faith, the nearby high school now includes not 1, not 2, but THREE McLains. I asked their mother how things were going. She said that Maggie told her she passed both Dagny and Alastair in the hallway one day this week, and got no hint of recognition. I’m happy to say she seems to be settling in well. She made the volleyball team, so it will be fun to watch some of her games. Here she is on her first day, posing with her dad…..

Those were the days, my friends; we thought they’d never end. Isn’t she pretty? He’s pretty good looking too.

More School
And speaking of school, the Vermonters start school today. I’m not sure why they are starting on a Thursday, but what the heck? It’s Vermont. I learned only last night that 10-year-old Micah (who is starting middle school because that’s how it rolls in Vermont) is excited to be part of the school orchestra. He apparently chose the bass violin…..

……which is literally bigger than Micah himself. Best of luck to both boys.

Have a great weekend.

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