Thursday Thoughts

I Can’t See!
Beta Carotene and Vitamin A are plentiful in carrots, and that’s why they are purported to help us see better. However, if it was up to King Soopers, we would all be blind. I went in yesterday afternoon to buy some carrots and celery to make chicken noodles soup. We don’t have colds, but I’m finding it more and more difficult to think about what to cook for dinner these days. Soup always sounds good. I was easily able to find loose celery for my soup. However, there was a disturbing lack of carrots. There were no loose carrots. There were no bagged carrots. There were no baby carrots. You simply can’t make chicken noodles soup without carrots. Finally, I found a bunch of carrots in the organic section of the produce department. I grabbed them before someone else could beat me to it. I am always struck by what sorts of things become unavailable during this post-COVID, high inflation period. But carrots?

Who’s Making the Donuts?
It was our second day in a row to run head-first into a 2022 situation post-COVID situation. We decided night before last to grab dinner at our nearby Chili’s. (See above: I’ve become very uncreative, and quite unenthusiastic, about cooking dinner these days.) It was around 6 o’clock. We walked up to the door, and there was a hand-written sign on the door: We have a shortage of help this evening. Be prepared for a lengthy wait. We walked inside to see what was going on, and the same sign was on the hostess station. There seemed to be a decent number of servers, so my best guess is that it was the kitchen that was desperately in need of help. You can have a million servers, but if you have nobody cooking the food, lines are going to be long. We didn’t stay, but instead went and had Mexican food at our neighborhood joint.

When One is Simply Not Enough
Following our Mexican dinner, we walked over to the technology store that is in the same shopping center. We have known that we wanted to buy a new television. The one that we currently watch is probably eight or nine years old — ancient by today’s technology standards. We’re able to stream, but not easily. We tried Fire Stick. It worked for a while, but then gave up. We had decided to move into our new apartment with a brand new 55-inch television set. We walked back to the TV area, and Bill immediately spotted a 55-inch LG television with smart technology and 4K (whatever that is) for a mere $319. Smokin’ deal in anyone’s book. I readily agreed to buy one for our new living room. But he began lobbying me to buy a second for our new bedroom. I was reluctant for a couple of reasons. 1) Our current bedroom television works fine; and 2) I was concerned that the screen size might be too large for a bedroom. My words were ignored. Two is always better than one in Bill’s book…..

We’re going to leave them in the box and let our movers haul them to our new place.

School Daze
Hard as it is to believe, our Denver children went back to school this week. Magnolia and Kaiya both started high school, which just crazy. Thomas Jefferson High School will have three McLain kids for one year until Alastair graduates. Kaiya is attending the largest high school in the state. I can’t even imagine this little girl finding her way amongst the throngs of students. They will all be fine.