One Man’s Junk…

I imagine my blog readers are getting mighty sick of reading stuff related to our move. Geez, you are likely thinking, does she think they’re the only people who have ever moved?

The answer is that I am fully aware that thousands of people move every year in the United States alone. I don’t care about them. That sounds mean, I know. I wish them all well, and hope their move brings them much happiness. But the reality is that my entire life these days has something to do with our move. I am either cleaning out a cupboard or closet, making hard decisions like how many ice cream makers do I need to take to a place at which I will be offered dessert any time I’m interested, or trying to come to grip with getting rid of some of my puzzles…..

(I admit I’m considering taking them all and hiding them under the bed.)

Wind Crest (who must be run by angels) is making this as easy as possible for us. If I even THINK about something that is causing me concern, I receive a phone call the next day from a company that my personal moving consultant angel is referring to me. You have large items you’re not able to take? Gone For Good will come move them. Are you concerned about window treatments? A custom window treatment person will call before I can even say the word VALANCE.

It’s as though they have gone through this with someone else who has lived in the same house for 30 or more years! What? I’m not your first?

Today, following a haircut (that I desperately need because I’m starting to look like a werewolf), I will meet and greet the men and women from Gone for Good, a junk hauling company with a heart. Apparently if I am getting rid of something they think someone else can use — say, victims of a fire or another tragedy — they will donate some of the things we are having them haul away. I hope a homeless person can use my popover pan or my extremely tarnished silver tea set.

Once those have left with myjunk, I will await my next visitor — Erik from the moving company that works with Wind Crest. He is just stopping by to say hey, and to see approximately how much he and his folks will have to move on moving day. I will need to point to the things that I know I’m taking, he will do his calculations, he will provide me with a quote, I will gasp at the cost but almost certainly will accept his quote. After all, Wind Crest will credit us in part for our move. Because they’re angels.

I am hoping against hope that after we meet with the finance angel at Wind Crest tomorrow, we will have a date for our move. I’m not one for vague calculations. I like to be able to write things down in my calendar in pen.

By the way, Dave and Jll and the kids stopped by yesterday late morning on their way home from church. Just a drop-in, Jll said. Fortunately for Bill and me, and unfortunately for them, we were just getting started bringing things up from the basement for the junk people.

“So nice to see you,” I said. “By the way, can you carry up four or five boxes of books, a huge Christmas tree, five or six various baby seats and strollers and mattresses (all of which Goodwill will no longer take).”

The kids started to trudge downstairs and began bringing up all manner of, well, junk that will fill up one-quarter of a dump truck…..

I’m certain that won’t be the last time we see Gone for Good during this move.

Every day that goes by is one day closer to moving into our bright and shiny new apartment.

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