Thursday Thoughts

Who’s Calling Please?
Yesterday I spoke to a junk hauler, a custom designer, a custom window coverings specialist, a hair stylist, two doctors’ offices, and a partridge in a pear tree. I have a lot of balls in the air right now. It used to be that I wouldn’t answer the telephone if I didn’t recognize the number. These days, I get more phone calls than President Biden (who is making himself unavailable for a phone call from China President Xi Jinping these days: tell him I can’t come to the phone because I’m washing my hair). Me, who would rather do anything than talk on the telephone. I go from figuring out Bill’s prescriptions to figuring out what sort of drapery I want in the blink of an eye.

Is the Doctor In?
Our granddaughter Addie is currently living with my sister Jen is Fort Collins, where she is studying to earn a CNA certificate. She is tentatively planning on medical school in the future, and thus needs to have some medical experience and hours under her belt. CSU doesn’t start for two more weeks, and she needed a place to stay while she took the two-week course. For reasons no one can explain, Jen’s dog Winston is entirely distrustful of my sweet granddaughter. The mild-mannered dog acts like Cujo when she’s around. I texted Jen last night to ask if Winston was being nicer. “I think their relationship is irreparable,” she answered. Naughty dog. Here is Addie in her scrubs…..

Does she look like someone a dog shouldn’t trust?

Heart Attack On A Plate
This past weekend, Bill and I went to Fort Collins to see Jen and Bec, and to dine at one of our favorite restaurants. RARE Bistro is in downtown Fort Collins, and features delicious Italian food. We always start with a charcuterie plate, and then share some pastas. I’m not sure my doctor would be happy to see our appetizer, but it sure was yummy…..

Do My Duty to God and Country
One of the things I unearthed when I cleaned out my cedar chest was Court’s old Cub Scout shirt. He was in scouts for about a year, but didn’t really enjoy it that much. Still, he looked cute in his uniform. I dropped it — along with some other items — at their house the other day. The next day, Court sent me this photo of Cole wearing the uniform. Cutest scout ever!….

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