Saturday Smile: Fitting It All In

Yesterday afternoon, we met for the first time with our moving consultant from Wind Crest. I’ve never had a moving consultant before. I simply packed up boxes, moved them into my new home, unpacked boxes, and put things where they fit. Our consultant walked with us around our house, took note of everything we really wanted to bring (as far as furniture), measured each piece, and then took notes.

When we were finished with the chore, she brought out of her magic moving consultant kit a big piece of paper that was our floor plan. She also brought out a magnetic board and a board that contained what seemed like 200 magnetic pieces representing furniture. We then sat together and decided whether our furniture dreams were realistic, and, if so, how to make that happen…..

God bless her. With her guidance, I got everything I wanted, including a little table in the corner of our bedroom for my puzzles. A girl wants what a girl wants.

I’m learning a lot from this experience. And having some fun as well!

Have a great weekend.

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