Thursday Thoughts

Treasured Out
I managed to finish emptying out my cedar chest, leaving only a few really special things. There was enough room to put my wedding dress into the chest. By doing that, I am hoping to delay the decision about keeping or discarding the dress forever. My plan is to move the nearly-empty chest into our closet in our new apartment. It will fit perfectly. It will also provide a place to put shoes, and purses, and other miscellaneous objects. If it becomes cumbersome, or either Bill or I trip over it too many times, my decision will be made. I will take out the dress from the cedar chest and hang it in the closet in the second bedroom, just for old times’ sake. At that point I will say bye-bye to the cedar chest forever.

Moving Closer
Yesterday afternoon, we interviewed a real estate agent who works with Wind Crest. I liked her very much. I especially like that she is familiar with people like Bill and me who must sell a house in order to make the deposit on our new home. Plus, she is used to working with seniors who have a lot of STUFF that they are having trouble getting rid of. She didn’t even flinch when she walked in the door and saw all of our boxes and bags ready to go to Goodwill. I invited her to take whatever she wanted, but she declined. From here on out, every visitor leaves with a door prize.

I wish I knew a lot about birds. Every morning when I arise with the birds at 5 o’clock, I open up my back door so as to let in the cool air and hear the world come alive. For the past month or so, there has been a bird call that I can’t recognize. In fact, I’m not even sure it’s coming from a single bird. There are four chirps followed immediately by a trill. Yesterday morning the bird (or birds) changed it up a bit. Instead of the four chirps, every once in a while, they would throw in a single chirp followed immediately by the trill. I’m happy this year that, though the crows are still around, they have moved to a different yard and aren’t nearly as annoying. I’ve also observed the squirrels stealing the apples from our apple trees. Normally that would get on my last nerve. This year, however, we will probably be gone — or close to it — by apple harvest.

Next in Line
The next room I will tackle will be my office. Early this summer, I cleaned out the closet in that room, which is actually a bedroom. But I need to go through my files, most of which can be discarded. Who care about hospital bills from 10 years ago? When we move, Bill and I will need to share office space, which will also be a bedroom. It shouldn’t be a problem, because neither of us spend much time at all each day in our office. It’s the files that we will need to address. Bill is a pack rat when it comes to saving files. It’s the lawyer in him.