Yesterday was a crazy day. To illustrate just how crazy our day was, I will admit that for half of the day I had my shirt on backwards. Wait, that only shows how crazy I am. To be fair to myself, there is no label or any identifying features that indicate front from back. Oh, except for the fact that the back is higher than the front. You would have thought that the fact that I kept tugging on the top of the shirt, pulling it away from my neck because it felt like I was being choked, would have given me an indication of a problem. It did, but not until half the day was half over.

We were at our new apartment by 9 a.m., where we were measuring walls and counters, and taking pictures. Our custom design person was very nice. Except that she didn’t point out that my shirt was on backwards.

In the middle of our crazy day, we made another stop at Apple Store. We are becoming such familiar figures at the Apple Store that I’m pretty sure we have our own coffee mugs back in the employee lounge. You might recall that Bill and I worked together and managed to get first his Apple watch locked and then his iPhone locked. We were able to unlock the watch, but the iPhone was seriously LOCKED. Like, if-you-try-that-same-password-one-more-time-you-idiot,-the-iPhone-will-explode-and-kill-you-and-anyone-in-the-same-room-with-you LOCKED.

Of course, in order to get it unlocked, you have to prove you are the actual owner of the phone. The four or five different Apple support people with whom we dealt over the past week kept promising us that they believed us, but we had to prove it to people more important than them. And less human. We could have had Pope Francis vouching for us and it wouldn’t have mattered. We must resemble Bonnie and Clyde. (I wonder if Pope Francis forgets his password. Maybe he uses the same password for everything: ihatemypointyhat.)

I will tell you that the Apple support people couldn’t have been nicer. Including the one woman who I spoke to on the telephone. She was sure she had it figured out, and when it didn’t work, she nearly cried for me. I think she might have resigned from Apple minutes later.

The good news is that they were finally able to get his iPhone unlocked and now both his phone and his watch are up and running. Anyone who has tried and failed to get ahold of him in the last week can try once again.

We ended our day at the audiologist, where Bill once again didn’t disappoint. When his audiologist asked him why he was there, Bill, with a straight face, answered, “What?” He has given that same answer to every doctor who has ever given him a hearing test. He thinks he’s hilarious. He’s not only Clyde, but also Jerry Seinfeld. The result? Next time you see him, he will be wearing hearing aids. And still thinking he’s Jerry Seinfeld.

The rest of our week is similar to yesterday. But at least Bill will be able to tell time.

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  1. That’s it- I’m changing all my passwords to “. ihatemypointyhat#1” I need a symbol and a number sometimes…

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