Friday Thoughts

Lo, and behold, it wasn’t until yesterday morning that I realized it was Thursday and I should have posted my Thursday Thoughts instead of a regular blog post. Apparently my brain isn’t thinking well these days. Still, I have as many thoughts on Friday as I do on Thursday, so here goes.

Checking it Out
This past Monday, Bill and I had dinner with a couple at one of the communities to which we are considering a move. The couple was very nice and very informative. As they were selected by community staff, it wasn’t surprising that they had very positive reviews. However, I had a lot of questions answered. As we were making our way to one of the restaurants located in the community (there are 10 in total!), we met a few people. We asked them all how they felt about where they were living. We got glowing reviews. Good to know.

Moving On
Preparing the house where we have lived for 30 years is a massive undertaking. I anticipated the worse, and wasn’t even close. Still, little by little, we are making progress. As I said in yesterday’s post, we got the garage attic emptied out, leaving only the massive cash register that was there when we moved in. Perhaps next I will tackle our regular attic, which contains mostly Christmas decorations. However, that’s what my sister Bec thought when she made her move to AZ. To her surprise, the attic was full of lots of other things that she had forgotten.

Fort Collins
I had a meeting yesterday afternoon, but after the meeting, we headed to Fort Collins. Later this morning, we will be meeting with our financial advisors. It is our most sincere hope that they don’t look at us when we tell them about our prospective move with shock on their faces and tell us that we are insane to think that move makes any sense.