Thursday Thoughts

The Last Pizza
Last night, Bill and I met Court and his family at Bonnie Brae Pizza. That particular pizza joint has been in their current location for 80 years, and they announced that they were closing their doors forever at the end of the month. Bonnie Brae is an old-school restaurant with turquoise booths and friendly servers. The pizza is delicious. The restaurant is very near where Court and I lived prior to my marriage to Bill. In fact, I would walk over and pick up an unbaked pizza and bake it in our oven. It wasn’t quite as good as if they baked it in their pizza oven, but it was still very tasty. It makes me very sad to see them go. Apparently, a high-rise apartment building will take its place. Just what we need. More apartments…..

In the Nick of Time
We met Court and his family early, at 5 o’clock. I knew the restaurant would be busy because the story of their closing had been in the Denver Post yesterday morning. But I thought that 5 o’clock was early enough to beat the crowd. It wasn’t. But I was pleased to see that Court had arrived early and put in our name, so we only waited a few minutes. The restaurant had been smart enough to turn their four-person booths into six- or seven-person tables, because there were very few patrons that weren’t with their families. We had pizza, and wings. Cole had a burger and Kaiya had mozzarella sticks. Shortly before we left, I pointed out that the numbers of people waiting had dwindled to zero. “Guess we were part of the rush,” I said. However, as we left (about 6:30), we noticed this sign on the door…..

Shoe Fly
Yesterday I underwent the task of going through my shoes. I filled an entire garbage bag with shoes that I haven’t worn since I quit working, or even before. Apparently at one time, square toes must have been the THING, because I sure had a lot of those. A friend told me that DSW accepts shoe donations and sends them overseas, so I might try that first before Goodwill. I know one thing: I wouldn’t buy a pair of used shoes. Especially MY shoes!

Dining Room
I finally filled the bird feeder the other day. It took a few days, but finally yesterday afternoon, I noticed that the feeder was half empty. I don’t know if it was birds or squirrels. I’m telling myself it doesn’t matter. But as you know, it gets on my last nerve when I see the squirrels on my bird feeders. Maybe I just shouldn’t look outside.