Thursday Thoughts

Last weekend, when Bill and I went downtown and pretended we were grownups, we ate dinner at a restaurant called Henry’s Tavern. Bill ordered barbecued ribs and very quickly proved he definitely was NOT a grown up. it didn’t take long before he was covered almost from head to toe with barbecue sauce…..

I told him if he was any messier, he would become a subject of one of the comedian’s jokes. He managed to clean himself up prior to walking over to the theater for the show.

Speaking of Grown Ups
On Tuesday, our grandson Joseph turned 13. He is a very nice young man, smart and sweet. However, it was only yesterday that he was born. I don’t know how the years go by so quickly. I simply can’t believe he is now a teenager. His voice went from sweet little boy to Barry White overnight. I would post a photo of the boy, but in every photo I have, he still has the little boy look about him. When we spoke on the phone on his birthday, he was teenager through-and-through. Happy birthday, sweet boy young man.

In the Weeds
Bill and I tackled the weeds in our backyard yesterday. It seems like since we’ve been home, we have been working hard inside, cleaning out closets and such. I cleaned up our patio the other day, making it at least a somewhat nice area for a cocktail party. But the yard was (and frankly, still is) quite a mess. But we at least made a start. Once the weeds are gone, Bill will put down some red bark to make the areas look fresh.

Goodbye to Childhood
You might remember a number of years ago, when Bill built the grands a sweet little playhouse on stilts in our backyard. As we prepare out house for selling, we decided that playhouse might not seem sweet to a buyer, but might, instead, look like an eyesore. Sunday, while Jen and I were downtown watching Leanne Morgan’s show at the Paramount Theater, Bill and his son Dave bought and set up a Bagster, and began the process of dismantling the whole shebang. The reality is that the grands are all too old now to be interested in playing house.


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