Thursday Thoughts

Temperature Shock
Bill and I arrived safely back in Denver yesterday evening. The temperature was barely 59 degrees. It was cloudy and overcast, and it looked like it was going to start raining at any moment. Might I remind you that it was June 1. Contrast that with the 100 degree temperatures we left behind us in Phoenix as we waved goodbye from the air. I was too tired to listen to the Colorado weather news. I would guess, however, that the temperatures are going to warm up in the next few days. I hope so, at any rate.

Cool Baby
Our air conditioning repairmen left our AZ house around 6 o’clock Tuesday evening. They fixed the air conditioner, but it took them about six hours to do so. Needless to say, the cost made me light-headed. Still, for the first time in three days, we had a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. Not quite as cool and comfortable as last night, when the temperature got down in the 40s.

I never get onto an airplane where I don’t look around for the Singing Nun. I never can remember if that was from the movie Airport or Airplane. Still, honest to God, if I ever noticed a black-clad Catholic nun carrying a guitar get onto a plane, I would lose my mind. I’m pleased to say there was no such person on yesterday’s flight. Or perhaps I just didn’t notice as I was distracted by the 3-year-old behind me who kicked my seat for the entire two hours we were on the plane. I really didn’t mind. It was better than the crying child a few rows up. And Bill gave me a window seat, so I enjoyed the entire trip because it was a clear day until we got a few miles out of Denver. Bumpity bump.

It’s Aliiiiiive
From what I could tell, all of my outside plants lived to see another day, despite the fact that I didn’t ask anyone to water them. I guess it’s been cool and wet enough in Denver to satisfy them. My Swiss chard, however, that I dutifully brought inside, is deader than a door nail. Oh well. I would like another trip to the nursery tomorrow anyway.


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