Friday Book Whimsy: The Book of Cold Cases

Shea Collins is a receptionist by day, but writes a true crime cold case blog by night. Her interest in true crime stems in part from the fact that she was kidnapped as a small child by a pedophile, but she escaped. The man went on that same night to rape and murder another small child. Shea lives with guilt.

Shea is surprised when Beth Greer contacts her and asks to be interviewed for her blog. Back in 1977, two seemingly unrelated men were murdered, and Beth was identified as the one walking away from the murder scene. She was tried and found innocent. People in their small town, however, were never convinced of her innocence.

Why is Beth emerging from her private life now, and why did she choose Shea to be her messenger?

The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. John combines crime with a splashing of a ghost story to make for a great read. I enjoyed the characters, and found the story to be interesting and compelling. The ending wasn’t particularly a surprise to this reader, yet I found it to be satisfying and believable. Well, if you believe in ghosts, that is.

Here is a link to the book.