Thursday Thoughts

I know I complain a lot about technology. It’s true that it often kicks my butt. Passwords allude me. Updates confuse me. Hackers alarm me. But, all in all, technology has improved my life. My technology gratitude stems completely from an experience this past Sunday. Our grandson Micah has taken piano lessons for a number of years. When we are together, he has demonstrated to Papa and me his musical skills. However, we haven’t ever seen him perform in a recital. Not surprising as he lives nearly 2,000 miles away in Montpelier, Vermont. His most recent recital was Sunday, and thanks to Zoom, Bill and I were able to watch him perform. He was, simply put, magnificent. He is 9 years old, and his name isn’t John Legend, so he wasn’t performing Beethoven or Mozart. In fact, I don’t know the name of the tune he played. I know two things: 1) He played the song flawlessly and with much confidence; and 2) He had the deepest and most professional bow of all of the recital participants. Thank you Micah and thank you Zoom inventors.

Passing in the Night
Jen arrived yesterday for an Arizona visit with her daughter and her grands, just a day before Bill and I leave to go back to Denver this morning. We had a chance to say hello last night at dinner. Similarly, Bill and I will return to AZ on Wednesday for his next mouth surgery, a day after Jen returns to Colorado. Like two thieves passing in the night.

Say Ah
As I mentioned above, Bill has his implant surgery in Mesa on May 26, so we will return to AZ on May 25. For two people who don’t love plane travel, we sure have, and are going to, spent(d) a lot of time commuting between Denver and Mesa these few weeks. After his surgery, he will have his next surgery sometime in September. We will get a bit of a travel break.

Thank you for the patience of my readers as I stumbled through the past week. Bill and I encountered some life difficulties which we have managed to survive, and, yes, learn from. Nana and her whimsies are back once again, and I appreciate your support. Oh, and your prayers.