Thursday Thoughts

Fun Times
Yesterday involved trips to the cardiologist in the morning and the dentist in the afternoon. Whoo-hoo. We really know how to have a good time. The cardiologist was for Bill, and I’m happy to say the doc gave him good news and he doesn’t have to come back for another six months. The dentist appointment was for me. I sat with my mouth open for a full hour as the dental hygienist scraped and poked and prodded until I thought my head would explode. I have been having some tooth sensitivity, and I think she decided the only way to solve the problem was to face it head on, and scrape the living hell out of my teeth. I was waiting for her to bring out a jackhammer. At one point when she gave me a bit of breathing room, I mentioned the jackhammer notion. Rather than laugh, I think she kind of gave it a thought. If I didn’t have sensitivity before the appointment, I sure did afterwards.

Bare Shelves
I made my first run to my favorite nursery on Monday, and was not terribly surprised to see that the shelves were mostly empty. Mother’s Day is a major vegetable and flower plants sales day. There wasn’t a single petunia to be found. I asked one of the staff, and she told me they had shelves full last week. She added that this year, for whatever reason, they weren’t that busy on Mother’s Day, but were exceptionally busy the Friday and Saturday before. I’m not too upset because Mother’s Day came quite early this year, and though the temps are supposed to stay warm, I’ve learned the hard way not to plant too early in Colorado. More plants were supposed to come in that afternoon, so I will make my way to the nursery again this afternoon.

One of my favorite days of the year is the day that Bill gets my scooter running for the first time. That happened on Tuesday. I haven’t had the opportunity to ride it yet, but once again, this afternoon is supposed to be sunny and warm. Perfect scooting weather. I’m still crazy about that thing, even after all of these years.

What I’m not too crazy about is the fact that we seem to have bunnies this year. I see two or three every morning grazing on our very dry grass. I think bunnies are very cute, but I also know that they love garden plants. This year, when the grass might not ever be to their liking because of the drought, they might enjoy my swiss chard a bit more then usual. They’d better just stay away from my petunias (assuming I actually am able to buy any petunias!).