Thursday Thoughts

Home Again, Finnegan
Bill and I arrived safely yesterday afternoon in Denver. It was a mostly uneventful trip, although I lost my phone at one point. You don’t realize how important the phone is in your life until you lose it. I’m very thankful that I hadn’t stepped away very far from the area in which I DROPPED IT ON THE FLOOR. Yikes. The very kind Frontier Airlines man who was pointing people in the right direction had picked it up, and handed it to me when I approached. I wanted to hug him, but I didn’t. For two old folks carrying back packs and each carrying a rolling suitcase, we did pretty well. Our Lyfts were both old people in beat up cars, but they got us where we needed to go.

Can You Smell That?
For the first time during domestic travel, we had a sniffer dog come check out all of the folks waiting to get onto our flight from Phoenix to Denver. A little funny, since the bulk of us were seniors, but nevertheless, we can be terrorists too. This particular dog was an English Pointer. He pretty much ignored Bill and I (who were carrying nothing more dangerous than M&Ms), but paid special attention to the middle-aged woman sitting across from us. She didn’t seem to upset, and the dog handler didn’t pursue the matter, but I think she was a secret member of a drug cartel who call themselves The Old Maids.

Take a Deep Breath
I guess I somehow missed the memo, but I was surprised when we walked into the airport and saw that nearly no one was wearing a mask. We weren’t required to wear a mask in the Lyft car — and didn’t. I knew some of the airlines had lifted the mask mandate, but I didn’t realize the federal mandate had been lifted. From what I could see, almost everyone was grateful to breathe easily, and forewent the masks.

Happy Birthday
Yesterday was our youngest grandchild’s birthday. He turned 8 years old. When I called to wish him happy birthday, he was busy opening presents. According to Mylee — who did take the time to talk to me — he had just gotten $100 in Roblox bucks, and was too excited to talk. He talked to me when he was 7. Just sayin…..


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