Thursday Thoughts

It’s Either Going to Be 101 or It Isn’t
All last weekend, the weather forecasters were telling us that yesterday — Wednesday — was going to be the warmest day thus far in 2022. In fact, the projected 101 temperature was going to be the earliest three digit temp in history. Apparently May 2 or 3 is generally when the temps reach three digits. However, were their faces red! Not only did the temps not hit three digits (missing it by only a few degrees at 97) but now they are predicting that the city’s temperature wouldn’t reach 100 until sometime later next week, and that will be one of the latest dates in AZ history that the temps surpassed 100. I’m pretty sure the forecasters just have a dart board to help them project our weather.

Pack It Up
One of the downfalls of flying home instead of driving is that we have to figure out how to get a bunch of stuff home that we would normally have thrown in the back of the car. This time, however, we are going to have to ship some items home. So Bill spent much of yesterday packing up a box to ship home and a suitcase to check at the airport. While he was an attorney by profession, he is the son of an engineer, and thinks like an engineer. He is a total master at strategic packing. The man can fit more into a small space than seems humanly possible. You should have seen the trunk of our car when we were on our European adventure. Somewhere I have a photo to prove it, but he probably packed it!

Hot Stuff
One restaurant that we have to visit at least once when we’re in AZ is called Los Dos Molinos. I have mentioned before that the Mexican food in AZ is very different from that in Colorado. Colorado’s is more like New Mexico’s food, using green chili to smother everything. Here they might put green chili inside a burrito, but not smothering it. Los Dos Molinos’ food is of the New Mexican variety. And it is HOT. You simply can’t order anything that won’t remind you of its heat the next morning. So, of course, we all love it. Yesterday Bec and her son Erik met Bill and I for lunch at Los Dos, and was it ever GOOD. I couldn’t eat their food on a regular basis, but I love it so much when I do. Burrito Adovado, and yum.

At that same lunch, Erik brought along a few pictures he had found of his nana and poppo (my parents) when we were all much younger. It was fun to see the photos. But what I really enjoyed was the letters he shared that had been written by his nana to him when he was in college. They were very newsy and shared a time in her life that she was very happy. Seeing her very recognizable handwriting made me so happy that it brought tears to my eyes. I have been missing Mom and Dad very much lately.


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