Sayonara, Three Digits

It’s been a pretty spring in the Valley of the Sun. And now, alas, we are getting close to saying goodbye. None too soon, as it happens. Tomorrow the weather forecasters are predicting the first three-digit temperatures. In fact, as of yesterday, they were guessing 101. A few weeks earlier than what is typical, but these days, atypical weather is typical, eh?

I think I say this every year as we prepare to move back to Denver for the summer and fall: We are getting the heck out of Dodge just in the nick of time. Oh, we might have to put up with a few triple-digit days, but before you can say it’s a dry heat, we will be in the temperate Rocky Mountain weather. Or at least temperate until we get a May snow storm.

I’ve only been in AZ in the middle of summer a couple of times. The first was at a conference that was held at a very fahnsee hotel in Scottsdale that the conference planners got for a steel because 120-degree temperatures aren’t exactly what the Rich and Famous are looking for in July. That’s when they go to their Aspen homes. The second time was when we attended my nephew’s wedding, also in July. The wedding was in a church and the reception was inside a wedding venue, all air conditioned. Except they weren’t because halfway through the ceremony, the bride’s mother got word that the air conditioning at the reception venue had stopped working. It all worked out in the end, except for the fact that somewhere there is a video of me looking sweaty and raggedy, blowing down the front of my dress in an effort to cool off. True story.

We fly to Denver on May 4. We may or may not be required to wear masks on the airplane. To tell you the truth, no matter what, I might be wearing a mask when I fly until I go to heaven. It would just be nice if I could do it voluntarily. We fly on Frontier, and they are one of the airlines that announced that they wouldn’t be requiring masks before the ink was dry on the Federal Judge’s mask ruling. The truth is, if I’m going to catch COVID (or any other virus) while flying from one city to another, it is more likely that I will catch the bug while walking through the airport or drinking my morning $16 Bloody Mary than on the plane. Whatever.

Until the day we leave, we will be rounding up all of the things we need to bring with us. Since we aren’t driving back and forth any more, our options are more limited. Over the past 12 years that we have owned the AZ house, I have tried very hard to buy the things here that I need so that I don’t have to carry back and forth.

Now I just wish I could fit my brother and sister, and all of my nieces and nephews in my carry-on bags.

This year we might actually have to venture back to AZ this summer. The day before we leave for Denver, Bill has an appointment with the specialist who will be putting in his teeth implants. We will find out that day when the oral surgery will happen. My sister Bec always says that being outside in AZ in the summer is like walking on the sun. We might be able to verify.

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