Thursday Thoughts

Fast and Furious
Yesterday the temperature was warm, in the mid-90s. Bill has been painting our patio, but by time he got home from boxing, it was already too hot for him to be outside with the sun beating down upon him. He is not one to sit quietly and read, so I thought I would try to distract him with a movie. What would keep him awake and interested? The Fast and the Furious fit the bill perfectly. If you have never watched the original, or any of the 200 sequels, it is about a group of young men who race their jacked up cars on the streets of Los Angeles. I blame the movies for all of the street racing that goes on every night near both of our houses. At any rate, he was very happy with the movie. And if anyone wants to give Bill a special treat, he would be so happy to have a collection of all of the F&F movies. All 200 of them.

I Hear a Train ‘Comin….
Yesterday was our daughter-in-law Lauren’s birthday. We called her to give her our best wishes. They were in their car, coming back from having enjoyed a nice meal at a local Montpelier restaurant. Their kids Joseph and Micah were in the back seat. At some point, Joseph — who will turn 13 in June — said something to me, and I will tell you I about fell over. Since the last time I spoke to him (which wasn’t that long ago), his voice had changed. He sounded like Johnny Cash. I’m happy that he still has the face of a sweet angel. You can’t stop time!

Leftover Ham
After our delicious Easter dinner, I ended up with the ham bone. I spent a couple of days trying to figure out how to use it. Should I make green beans and ham? What about navy bean soup with ham? I finally landed on pinto beans prepared in the crock pot with the ham bone which was still heavily loaded with meat. After eight hours, there was a delicious pot of beans. I removed the ham bone and picked off all of the meat. Unfortunately, a couple of pieces of bone escaped. Even more unfortunately, one of them ended up in Bill’s bowl of beans. He chomped down on it with his poor, miserable mouth. That was the end of the beans for Bill. That’s okay. More for me.


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