Thoughts, Friday Edition

Is It Hot Enough For You?
Today the temperature is predicted to reach 97 degrees in the Valley of the Sun. It’s April 8 doncha know? But according to the weather forecasters, An early April temp of 97 degrees is not even record-breaking. Apparently it’s been in three figures before at this time of year. I have only been in AZ during the summer one time, and that was for my nephew’s wedding. However, the wedding and reception were both indoors, so I can’t rightly say I totally understand what it feels like to be in 110 degree temps. What I can tell you is that last night, when I went to put our brats on the grill, I could barely touch the grill’s handle. Just sayin’….

Horror Movie
I wasn’t sure what to do with my outdoor plants while we were in Colorado over the weekend. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, because they were still so pretty. What’s more, our Canadian neighbors brought over the beautiful pink geranium plant they had purchased to enjoy during their two months here in AZ. My solution was to bring all of the plants indoors, put them in my bathtub with a few inches of water, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, when we returned on Tuesday, we had a minor horror movie. The plants were mostly dead, having been overwatered. But even worse, the plants brought in something in the neighborhood of a million gnats that were mostly dead, but covering the bottom of my tub. Bless Bill’s heart, he did a yeoman’s job of cleaning up the mess. So much for the best-laid plans. At least it was gnats and not scorpions!

Coming Up Sunny
Everything around here is all about the Phoenix Suns, the state’s pro basketball team. They are heading to the finals. Having not paid attention much to basketball this season, I was completely unaware of how the Denver Nuggets were doing, so I texted Court to ask if we were in the hunt. He confirmed that we were, but gave the caveat that he didn’t have high hopes because of injuries on the Nuggets’ bench. We’ll see.

Waiting for the Easter Bunny
I can’t believe that Lent is nearly over. This upcoming weekend is Palm Sunday, and then we enter Holy Week. Easter is just around the corner. Last Easter Bill and I were by ourselves, and I made a little prime rib. I hope this year I will be able to grill a leg of lamb and roast a spiral ham like other years. COVID, you didn’t defeat us!