Thursday Thoughts

Got Bread?
Just about the time that I think that I have the whole making-bread-from-scratch thing down pat, I have a week like this past week. I made hamburger buns. Things were going along just great until I set the dough to rise the first time. There, right next to my Kitchenaid mixer, was the three tablespoons of sugar that were supposed to go into the recipe. Dang. So I text my brother and asked, If I forgot to put sugar in my hamburger bun dough, will it affect only the taste, or will it affect the rise and baking? I held my breath, and his reply came back, saying It will affect everything. Well, darn. I baked them anyway, and he was right. They didn’t get very brown in the oven, and they were kind of flat little disks. Yesterday afternoon, I attempted to make hot dog buns. I think I did everything I should have, but I just couldn’t get the yeast to bloom more than just a tad. I tried twice with the same result. Thank goodness Basha’s is close by, because they came to my rescue both times.

I keep waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Quail to decide to lay their eggs in my flower pot as they did last year. Two quails walk by my fence several times a day, and I swear they take a peak at my geranium plant. Maybe that’s just my hopeful thinking. But I peeked as late as yesterday evening, and there are no eggs as of yet. Perhaps they are still house hunting.

This… American Idol
I’m finally getting caught up in American Idol. It started out slow for me this year for some reason. Though I don’t enjoy it quite as much as The Voice, I still like to hear the people sing, and it’s the only way I keep up at all in current music. I think that Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Ritchie blend together more this year than ever before. And for the first time, they actually seem to provide some constructive criticism. I rarely get a chance to watch it on Sunday night for reason, so I’m putting my Hulu streaming to use, both for that, and for The Equalizer.

One of the best ways that I can keep up on what’s happening with my grandkids is via Instagram. Despite the fact that none of them post very often, I love it when they do. Yesterday, Adelaide posted a picture of herself doing western dancing at a club near their dorm that provides country music and dancing on Sunday nights. The girl was wearing cutoffs and cowboy boots. Yee haw! My own Daisy Duke.


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  1. Thomas Moran the Irish step dancer is the nephew of one of my good friends. So you have just a couple of degrees of separation from an American Idol contestant!

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