Thursday Thoughts

The Weather Outside
My first thought on this lovely day is how happy I am that we spend our winters in AZ. I miss all of our family, but we sat outside this evening and had our glasses of wine while our family back in Colorado and Vermont were experiencing tiresome cold weather. When I checked the temperature in Denver yesterday evening, it was 9 degrees, with a windchill temperature below zero. March in Colorado is tough, because you begin to get enough nice days that you think spring might be in the air, and then Mother Nature splats the crap out of you with 9 degrees and snow.

And Look Who’s Experiencing the Cold Weather
Jen and Winston left yesterday morning to return to their Fort Collins home. Jen had knee replacement surgery, and she was lucky enough to be able to recover in the nice weather. She was UNLUCKY enough, however, to return home to a snowstorm. Bill and I will miss the two them a lot. Every morning, I woke up first, but as soon as he heard my bedroom door close, he came around the corner to greet me. Yesterday morning, despite the fact that I knew full well that the two of them had spent their last night in AZ at Jen’s daughter’s Maggie’s house, my heart was sad to not see that fuzzy face greet me. Oh, and I miss Jen too.

But Look Who’s Getting Out of the Cold Weather
Bill’s son Dave is coming in this afternoon to spend a few days in the Valley of the Sun. I’m sure he is not sad to get away from the cold and snow. He is going to be here for a rugby tournament in which he will participate. We will pick him up at the airport, and have him overnight and most of Friday. Then he moves on to Scottsdale where the tournament is being held. Bill and I will travel to the games to see one team pummel another. It will be fun to see him and spend some time showing him around the area.

New Guy on the Block
Broncos Country is excited to welcome our new quarterback, former Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. When I heard of the acquisition, I texted my son Court to see what he thought about his much-loved football team’s latest move. “It was my dream scenario,” he replied. “We will be an instant Super Bowl contender.” Are you listening Russell?

These Feet Are Made For Walking
I am slowly, but surely, getting stronger and stronger on my foot. Yesterday morning, for the first time in two months, I actually went for a walk. A short walk, it’s true, but a walk nonetheless. I made it a block to our mailbox. By time I got back home, my foot was sore. I think it is swelling less than it was a week ago, and that gives me hope for a speedy recovery.