Friday Book Whimsy: A Line to Kill

I know I am repetitive when I talk about the books written by author Anthony Horowitz, but I can’t help it. His books are simply clever. There’s no other word for it. Lots of authors are good writers and tell a good story. It’s true that Horowitz does the same. But his clever plots cannot be replicated.

A Line to Kill is the third in the series featuring former police detective inspector Daniel Hawthorne, who has the insight and cleverness of Sherlock Holmes. And like Holmes, Hawthorne has a sidekick who not only records the events around their investigation (ala Dr. Watson) but helps him solve the crime. That person is Anthony Horowitz, who writes about himself. And like Dr. Watson, Horowitz mostly gets it wrong when it comes to helping Hawthorne solve the crime.

In A Line to Kill, Hawthorne and Horowitz are invited to attend a book festival on an isolated island off of England. They, along with several other authors — including a children’s book writer, a poet, and and a chef-turned-cookbook-writer — are commissioned to present their stories and answer questions. To complicate matters, the local people of the town are caught up in an argument over a proposed power line that will disrupt the peacefulness of the island but create jobs.

Before long, the murder of one of the locals immersed in this battle is found murdered. Furthermore, it has to be someone on the island who killed the man because there hasn’t been a ferry coming or going since they arrived.

This story line, of course, is Horowitz’s take on the locked door murder mystery. It becomes increasingly clear that one of the authors had to be the murderer, but what are the motive? To complicate matters, the man who was responsible for Hawthorne leaving his job on the police department makes an appearance.

Horowitz’s writing captures his reader with its twists and turns and surprises. The author’s self-deprecating manner of presenting himself makes readers smile and like the man even more.

I hope this series never ends.

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