Thursday Thoughts

Blue Skies
Yesterday was a beautiful day in the Valley of the Sun. It was a bit cooler than it’s been, with a high in the low 60s. But we took advantage of the deep blue skies and the sunshine to enjoy dinner and a drink with friends on a patio overlooking a desert golf course. Given that much of our family were shoveling snow and figuring out what to do with their kids on school snow holidays, we considered ourselves to be very blessed.

New Old Neighbors
You may remember me talking about our neighbors to the west of us, a couple from Alberta, Canada. We enjoyed their company very much, and we were sad when they elected to sell their house after the outbreak of the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown. With the loosening of the borders between Canada and the United States, our friends decided to get a break from the snow and spend a month here in Mesa. Our next door neighbor to the east happened to have an empty house thanks to romantic circumstances, and we put our Canadian friends in touch with our neighbor. This led to that, and they are now staying at her house for a month or so. The house layout is exactly the same, so they are finding themselves searching for plates and silverware in the cupboards where they kept there’s back in the day. Bill and I are very happy to have their company for the next few weeks.

These Boots
I have another appointment with my foot surgeon this afternoon, and I’m wishing like crazy that he will give me permission to start putting weight on my left foot. I know I will need to keep this walking boot for some time, but I sure would love to lose the scooter. I can’t wait until I can go places by myself. I can drive, but I’m unable to get the scooter in and out of the car without help. Even if I have to wait another week or two, I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Light is good.

Mesa Rehab
Jen’s knee replacement surgery was a success, and she is finally starting to feel better. Tuesday the anesthesia had worn off, and she was in quite a bit of pain. She was better yesterday, and is confident that she will feel better every day. Between her and her walker and me and my scooter, we are quite a pair. We haven’t run into each other yet, but Winston doesn’t know which way to turn. Before you know it, we will both be independent walkers!


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