Thursday Thoughts

Olden Days
Yesterday I got a text from our granddaughter Kaiya. Her class is doing a project on immigration, and they are supposed to learn what they can about their ancestors and where they originated from. I was happy to answer the questions. I confess to knowing very little about my mom’s side of the family, but I was able to give quite a bit of information about my dad’s parents, who came to the United States from Switzerland in 1924. Some I know from hearing stories told by my grandmother; some I know from an article that was written about Columbus, Nebraska, business owners way back in the mid-20th century. It was fun to be able to share some stories with Kaiya.

Take Two Aspirin
This afternoon I have an appointment with my foot surgeon. This time Bill is going with me to take a gander at my feet. I’m not sure if they will remove the plaster cast and put on a new one or simply do x-rays to see how my feet are healing. It is my sincere hope that he tells me I am only a week or so shy of losing the cast forever and going into a walking boot. It will be three weeks since my surgery, and he told me four to six weeks. Fingers crossed.

Yesterday afternoon, I was transferring myself from the commode back onto my scooter. For the first time in three weeks, I missed the scooter, and my toes came down hard on the floor. I don’t think I did any damage, because my foot doesn’t hurt. Still, see above: I want to move to a walking boot.

Back to Reality
I received a text from Jen’s son-in-law Mark last night that documented a dance party taking place in the hotel room in Los Angeles where they have lived for the past three days. It appeared to be a belated birthday party for Miss Lilly. Austin was no where to be seen. I reckon it’s time to come home.