Thursday Thoughts

The Sun Will Come Up
My brother and I don’t text every day, but he will often send me photos. Mainly, the photos include sunrises and sunsets that he sees from his home at the foot of Superstition Mountain. The other day he sent this pretty photo of a colorful sunrise just outside of Tucson. It made me think once again how lucky I am to have two houses in two places with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets…..

By the way, the other photos he sends me on a regular basis are of one of his pooches — Charlie. Charlie’s cheerful eyes always make me smile. He was wanting someone to play ball with him — at 5 o’clock in the morning…..

Not Cheerful
The other day, I was wanting to make something that involved noodles. Upon looking at my considerable stash of pasta that I keep on my pantry shelves in our garage, I was sad to learn that there wasn’t a single noodle to be had. I, of course, can’t do what I would normally do, that is, jump in the car and make a quick trip to the grocery store. So I batted my eyes at Bill, and asked if he would run over to Basha’s to get a bag of noodles. The batting likely only made him think I had something in my eye, but nevertheless, he complied. He sent me this photo from the grocery store…..

Finding noodles was easier said than done. He made a second trip to Fry’s down the street, and managed to find a bag of noodles. I guess pasta must be the toilet paper of 2022. During this time of great inflation, any time a common product is on sale, people are bound to scoop it up.

Screened In
Shortly after we arrived here in AZ, our screen door leading to the back yard came off the hinges. The timing was unfortunate, because it’s just starting to get warm in the afternoons, and a breeze coming in feels so good. I called our wonderful handyman, but it took him a week to find time in his schedule to come to us. But yesterday, in a matter of an hour or so, he had it completely repaired. Now I don’t have to worry about the flies coming in, as they are wont to do.


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