Thursday Thoughts

Go Big or Go Home
There’s a chance I might be a multi-millionaire by time you read this blog post. The Powerball jackpot is up to $630 million dollars. A cash-out would be in the neighborhood of $450 million. I could do a lot of things with that kind of loot. Of course, my chances of winning are much slimmer because I didn’t actually buy a ticket. I thought about it, however, but I never actually made it to the grocery store to buy the lottery ticket. As they say, you can’t win if you don’t play. My dad used to buy lottery tickets every week. He had a system by which he selected the numbers. I think it had to do with his kids’ birthdays. He never won, but he actually had a better chance than me because he would buy the ticket. If there isn’t a winner, I’ll make sure to put myself in the running next week.

Turn Out the Lights
Many years ago, before we began spending our winters in AZ, Bill and I would take down our inside Christmas decorations after New Year’s Day. We would, however, leave our outdoor lights up until the end of the stock show. That’s when the City and County of Denver turns off the lights on the government building. I managed to take down my little string of lights that I had hanging above our sofa yesterday. I’m not ready to take down our little Christmas tree. It’s in our dining area, and I used all of my kitchen ornaments to decorate, so it doesn’t look too ridiculous. And besides, I’m the boss of me! I will take the tree down when I’m good and ready.

Heatin’ Up
When we first arrived in AZ on Christmas Day, we had a few days of rain. For the past few days, however, it has been clear skies all around. The temperatures are kind of chilly in the morning, even getting down to 32 degrees one night. But by noon, it has reached a pleasant 65 degrees. Beginning this weekend, the temps will warm up further to the low 70s. Unfortunately, our family and friends in Colorado are experiencing the snow storms that are passing through the country. My son Court texted me last night to inform me that it was 7 degrees. Brrr. But I will admit that Colorado needs moisture. I will also admit that I feel very thankful to be where it’s not 7, but 70.

See You Soon
You likely won’t hear from me again until some time next week as I will be recovering from my foot surgery. See you soon!


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