2022: We’re Ready For You

Yep, no false hopes for one disappointing year ending and another year beginning. Even the long-enduring Betty White said, “Nope, I can’t stand the pain of hope only to be kicked in the teeth with another Greek letter in a few months. I’m going home.” God rest her soul.

This year I think everyone is approaching the turn of the calendar page with a much more realistic attitude. We’re not going back to the casual naivete of, say, 2018, but we’re ready to face the year head-on, undeterred by whatever comes our way. Because we have learned that almost certainly, something unexpected will come rear its head.

Here was one of the best things about 2021, and one of the happiest moments of 2022 thus far…..

Our newest family member — Zoe — was one of the party-goers at my sister Bec’s house on New Year’s Day. Though her daddy Joey has covered her shirt with a bib while giving her a bottle, rest assured she was dressed for the occasion with her New Year’s top and fashionable leggings.

It had been a few years since we had gathered for this annual celebration on New Year’s Day. In fact, I think the last time the whole fam damily gathered was January 1, 2020, just before the world as we knew it changed. Alas, little did we know.

Zoe was one of the stars of the show (the aunties and cousins couldn’t get enough of holding her, often much to her chagrin), but the other star was the roast beast itself…..

…..a massive six-bone masterpiece that was prepared by Bec and carved by Erik. It wouldn’t be New Year’s without the sound of the electric knife in Erik’s firm grip.

Of course, for this family, New Year’s Day means something else as well. One of Zoe’s big sisters — Lexie — turned 9 on January 1. She will grow up assuming everyone has a massive party with a gigantic prime rib for their birthdays. Oh, and fireworks, which her Great-Aunt Jen always contributes. I have decided that one of the most embarrassing moments of our life is when the candles are lit and the dreaded birthday song is sung. Could she look more embarrassed?…..

Please God, make them sing faster!

COVID has made strangers of friends and family, so it was good to see the cousins gather…..

Even if it’s over a rousing game of Among Us

Let 2022 bring us hope and joy and patience and good health. And an end to the pandy!

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