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Getting Ready
Yesterday I had my pre-appointment for my foot surgery scheduled for next Friday. There were two shocking things that I observed or heard during the appointment. The first was that here, in the Wild, Wild West, the need for masks is completely optional. I’m talking to the point that no one in the doctor’s office, including the doctor himself, wore a mask. Bill and I, along with a woman who was somewhere in the vicinity of 185 years old, had on a mask. The second was the doctor’s assertion that I would be unable to take a shower for the four-to -six weeks it would take for my surgical wound to heal. Sponge baths only. Four to six weeks. By about three weeks, I am going to be living by myself. our need for masks will have nothing to do with COVID.

Bill and Jen and I seemingly made it to our AZ home virus-free, at least thus far. We were very careful in the airport, spraying every seat of table we touched with disinfectant. We managed to not get into a fight on the plane, which these days seems to be somewhat of an accomplishment. We dutifully wore our masks except when we were putting the stale pretzels into our mouths. We were surprised and pleased to see that American Airlines not only gave us an inch or two more leg room, but gave us entire cans of the soda which we chose. These days, our needs are so simple. We were more surprised to see that in AZ, masks really are optional, including in the doctor’s office, where none of the staff — or the doctor himself — wore a mask. Bill and I were masked.

Cold Front
It’s been pretty cool since we landed in the Valley of the Sun. The high past few days has only been in the mid-50s. I am comfortable in my short sleeves, but it’s clear that not everyone is as tough as I. Take my tiny little great niece Zoe. She is dressed for the elements…..


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