Thursday Thoughts

Blue and Orange
When we are in AZ, the chair in which I sit every morning looks directly out our glass doors. I am able to watch the sun come up, and sometimes it is very pretty. When we’re in Denver, however, I sit at the kitchen table in the morning with my back to the window. Bill is a later sleeper than I, but yesterday morning he got up quite early. All of the sudden he said, “Kris, look out the window.” I did, and what I saw was spectacular…..

I always say it’s hard to beat AZ sunsets, but I will take a Colorado sunrise anytime. And just think, I would have missed it if my husband hadn’t gotten up early!

Angels and Monkeys
Cole and Mylee helped me decorate the angel tree on Tuesday. They both have their favorite ornaments and they always garner the best spots. I showed them the ornaments they each made last year from scratch, and it got Cole thinking that he needed to make another one this year. He carefully examined the ornament my stepmother made me a few years ago completely out of different kinds of pasta. He decided that’s what he wanted to make. Friday morning I went to the grocery store and bought the necessary types of pasta, namely bowtie for the wings, rigatoni for the body, and ditalani for the hair. I also stopped at Joann’s and picked up an ornament kit so that I would have something for the heads. As it turned out, Cole decided to make the ornament from the kit, and, not at all surprisingly, Mylee turned her pasta into a monkey…..

Deer Hunters
Jen called me yesterday with a very funny story. The story is only funny, however, if you — like us — imagine that the episode ended on a good note. She was driving home from work at dusk when a deer ran across the road. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on her side of the road, and she escaped unscathed. The deer, however, was distraught. It leaped across the median and ran head-first into the side of a car. I can only imagine the driver of the car’s reaction to a deer seemingly flying from the sky into their side window. The person must have wondered if Rudolph was making an appearance. Though Jen couldn’t tell what happened next, in our world, the deer shook its head and flew back into the sky with nary a scratch. This is a perfect example of a deer hitting a car instead of a car hitting a deer.

Room For Dessert?
I haven’t said a word about Thanksgiving, and it was a wonderful day. The food was delicious and the company was even better. My friendly bagger about whom I wrote a few days ago would be thrilled to know that we all enjoyed the food offerings immensely. You can judge for yourself from this photo of the desserts alone…..


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