Smell the Roses

I spent yesterday getting ready for today. My stepmother — who passed away suddenly a few weeks ago — is being interred at Fort Logan National Cemetery this morning. I offered to host a luncheon following the service, something I am happy to do. However, I learned that the week of Thanksgiving is not necessarily the week to plan an additional gathering. The grocery store was crazy yesterday morning, but I got enough ingredients for my lunch, plus some ingredients for my Thanksgiving responsibilities. I had pretty good luck finding things, except for Jimmy Dean sausage. I managed to grab a couple of the store brand breakfast sausages for my mother’s famous dressing, one of my contributions.

I spent the remainder of the day cleaning and preparing the house for guests. I will admit that I also did a bit of Christmas decorating, including putting up a teeny-tiny tree in my kitchen…..

After all, we need a little Christmas.

Now I come to the time when I explain the title of the blog: I am taking the remainder of the week off to prepare for, and enjoy, Thanksgiving. Smell the roses, so to speak. I will return on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family and other readers.

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