Saturday Smile: It’s Beginning to Look….

It’s gonna be a hell of a holiday and it’s only just begun
The whole world is decorating and it’s only November one
They’re carving the pumpkins, they’re hanging the lights
They’re stuffing the turkey, they’re pouring the wine
Already singing Auld Lang Syne
It’s a hell of a holiday

Pistol Annies

As I have mentioned about a bajillion times, Bill and I, along with my sister Jen and her pooch Winston, will come back to AZ on Christmas Day. That means that any holiday decorations I have put up in our Denver house have to come down on Christmas Eve. Because Christmas decorations are my favorite things in the Whole Wide World, I decided to put up our little Christmas tree early here at our desert house. That way I can enjoy the lights for the remaining few days we are here. It also means when we walk back into our AZ house on Christmas Day, there will be a cheerful little tree waiting for us.

My tree makes me smile…..

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