Thursday Thoughts

Bill and I like to watch our great nieces and great nephews participate in their various sports activities. As we sat and watched Jen’s grandson Austin play baseball Tuesday night, it occurred to me that apples don’t fall far from the tree. The three sports represented by our great nieces and nephews are basketball, baseball, and soccer. My nephew Christopher — who played basketball — has two sons and a daughter who play basketball. My nephew Erik — who played soccer (still does, in fact) — has a son and daughter who play soccer. My niece Maggie — whose husband Mark played baseball — has a son who plays baseball. At the game last night, Austin’s paternal grandparents were there to cheer him on. I wondered how many games of little league, junior high, and high school games they have watched in their lives. As for my grands, Kaiya is playing basketball like her dad. Another apple; another tree.

Since we’ve been in AZ, I’ve found myself wide awake at 5 o’clock a.m. I don’t really mind a bit, because I enjoy my quiet mornings. I pour myself a cup of coffee, and go through my email. (By “go through” I mean delete, because it’s mostly junk). I always open the doors, because it’s the coolest time of the day. It’s still dark, but as the clock ticks, I watch the sky lighten and listen as the birds begin to sing. The other morning, I was reading my book. I happened to glance up, and saw the prettiest sunrise I’ve seen in some time…..

As usual, the photo doesn’t capture the true beauty. I jumped up from the chair, grabbed my cell phone, and ran outside to take a few pictures. As you know, nature moves quickly. It wasn’t 30 seconds later that the sky was completely blue and sunset was history. I always think that Arizona has the prettiest sunsets and Colorado has the prettiest sunrises. As proof, here was the sunset the other night…..

God loves the desert.

Bird Visits
And speaking of nature, yesterday afternoon, I was once again sitting in my chair reading. I glanced up and saw four quails on our fence…..

If you remember, last spring, we had a quail nest in our potted geranium plant. So, in my world, these are the babies that hatched. I might be right, because I think quails are known to stay close to home. Sort of like college graduates who can’t find a job.


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