Saturday Smile: Plaid is In

If you read my Wednesday post, you know that as I was driving down a major Mesa street, I saw a man walking along wearing plaid pajamas. He had on regular shoes and was carrying a small backpack, and he was entirely clothed in plaid pajamas.

The morning my blog posted, my brother sent me this photo…..

While this particular man is not wearing pajamas, the plaid of his, um, suit is the same as that of the man’s pajamas. The picture made me laugh, and it also made me wonder if this was a new plaid. I hope not, because I still haven’t gotten used to men wearing skinny suit pants.

That afternoon, my brother telephoned me.

“What’s wrong?” I answered me telephone, as I always does when he calls.

“You won’t believe what I just saw,” he said, laughing. “I saw the man you talked about in your blog this morning. He was walking down the street near Crisman and University.”

(That was, by the way, a considerable distance from where I had seen him the day before.)

We agreed that it had to be the same man. If not, it has become a fashion fad, which will not make me smile at all. As I’ve said many times, things are different here in the Valley of the Sun.

Have a great weekend.

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