Thursday Thoughts

Cool Down
A bit of cool weather finally hit the Valley of the Sun. When I say “cool,” I’m not talking coat-and-hat cool. But the temp was in the 50s when I awoke yesterday morning. In fact, sometime during the night, I woke up and realized that I was actually quite chilly with only my sheet and lightweight comforter. So last night I put an afghan on our bed, and it felt quite snuggly. Don’t get me wrong; I’m pretty sure warmer temps will return. But it felt good for a change. There is not a lot of variety in our weather in AZ, so we appreciate any changes we get.

Early and Often
Bill walked over to the mailbox yesterday and we leafed through what is always junk mail. We get virtually no first-class mail at this address. Frankly, these days we don’t get a lot of first-class mail at either of our addresses since bills come via technology and are mostly paid the same way. Anyway, we were both amused to see that Jen got an election ballot from the State of Arizona. She, of course, votes in Colorado because that is her primary address. Don’t anyone tell us that there is any problem with our election process! I asked Bill if, given the fact that it’s a statewide election and not a national election, could she actually vote in both states. He quickly said, “No, you can only vote once.” He paused for a beat, and then added wryly, “Unless, of course, you live in Chicago and are a Democrat.” Spoken like the boy who grew up on the south side of Chicago, right next door to Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.

Bill has yet another doctor’s appointment this afternoon. This time it’s a bit of a drive, in Tempe, AZ. Not awful, but the appointments not until 4 o’clock, so we will undoubtedly be dealing with rush hour traffic. I suggested following the appointment, we go to a restaurant in that neck of the woods and have dinner, thereby letting the bulk of the commuters get home. We tossed around a few ideas, but have landed on a restaurant we really like called Kay’s Cajun Kitchen. We have been there a few times, mostly with Bec and her family. I was immediately reminded of one of our visits a number of years ago. We were sitting at a table and the door opened. I wasn’t paying attention, but my nephew Erik said quietly, “Isn’t that Charles Barkley?” He is hard to miss, and it was, indeed, the renowned former Phoenix Sun basketball player himself. My great niece Kenzie and great nephew Carter were there. Without a second thought, I jumped up, grabbed them by the hand, and dragged them over to Mr. Barkley. “Would you mind if I take a photo of you with my niece and nephew?” He very nicely agreed. I learned later from my brother that he had been known to throw someone out of the window when they asked a similar favor. I guess I was lucky…..


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  1. Richard met Charles Barkley when Charles was in Leeds, Alabama, where he was raised and his mother lived. Richard was a young kid and got a basketball autographed.

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