Thursday Thoughts

Old School Italian
Up in the area west of downtown that used to be called North Denver, there is an old-school Italian restaurant that Bill and I love. It’s not the cool nuevo-old-school type restaurant that you see in hip urban areas. Lechuga’s has been around since 1961. Heck! It’s almost as old as me. Their specialty — or at least what Bill and I like best — is their little cannoli. They are small pieces of Italian sausage wrapped in home-baked bread with a pepper tucked into the bread. Depending on your tastes, it might be a sweet pepper or a jalapeno pepper. Yesterday mid-morning, I suddenly got an urge for their cannoli, with a side of spaghetti covered in their delicious sauce. I suggested to Bill that we made a field trip up to what is now called the Highlands and have lunch at Lechuga. We did just that, and the 25-minute drive each way was well worth the time it took. They’re still not serving inside (likely more because of lack of wait staff than COVID), but we ate on one of their patio picnic tables. The day was lovely, the sky was very blue, and our food was delicious.

It’s All Greek to Me
Last weekend was homecoming weekend at CSU. Bill and I drove to Fort Collins to see Maggie and her kids, who were visiting from AZ. We spent the night. The next morning, we met Addie and her parents and siblings at her sorority house — Kappa Delta. I think I’ve mentioned that Kappa Delta was the sorority to which I belonged. Despite the fact that I only participated fully in that sorority for a couple of years (I quit school for a bit, and when I returned, I was married), it is fun that she and I are sorority sisters. We attended a brunch at the sorority house, and then sent them all on their way to the game…..

It’s War!
If you have Dish Network as we do, you know by now that NBC and Dish are in a fight. I don’t know who is right or who is wrong, and frankly, I don’t care. But many of the programs I enjoy are on NBC (I’m looking at you Sunday Night Football), and now I can’t see them. My sister Jen is up in arms as well, and she signed up for a free trial week of Hula + Live, and she is able to watch NBC. I’m mad as a wet hen, and am seriously considering joining the in crowd and losing cable. We rarely watch anything on cable, but I want — no, NEED — to be able to watch Yellowstone on Paramount TV when it begins. I’m going to do some research so that I can tell Dish to ^*^%&&&^%$*$%#%$.

Packin’ Up
Bill and I have begun to start stacking things that we want to take with us on Tuesday when we fly to AZ for a month. We are trying to fit in last minute doctor appointments and sprinkler maintenance and such. Plus, my brother Dave is coming this weekend to visit his daughter Jessie, and we want to spend some time with him. We better get organized. As Peyton Manning would have said, “Hurry, hurry.”


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Was called Carbones back when I was in high school – we used to go there for lunch at least once a week. Always good and love those little devils!

  2. If you have two TVs (and who doesn’t?), take one off of Dish, get an antenna, and watch NBC — it’s still a plain, old network channel, right?

    You should check out the food court, including the Wall of Beer at McGregor Square right across the street from your old workplace. It’s pricey though. Tattered Cover moved there too.

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