Thursday Thoughts

Mental Errors
I was ready last week to make a reservation at a nearby senior living place that offered memory care. I knew what day it was. I recognized my husband and could remember his name. However, I got on Target’s website to look at long-sleeved tops because cooler weather will come sooner or later and I’m low on appropriate clothing. I found one that I really liked, and so I ordered it. Later that morning, I went to my closet and noticed that I owned what appeared to be that very same top. I admitted my mental error to my sisters, who agreed we could room together at the Home. (I dibs bottom bunk!) But the top arrived yesterday, and to my surprise and delight, it is the same color, but an entirely different top. And I really like it. So cancel, well, at least postpone, the Home.

Cash Out
For years, Bill and I have put coins we got as change into a jar. When it got full — about once a year — i would take it to the coin machine at our credit union and cash it in and deposit it in my account. Because of COVID, I hadn’t been inside my bank for a year-and-a-half. Yesterday I poured the coins into a zipper bag and made my way into the bank. The coin machine stood proudly, a ray of light shining on it and the sound of angels singing in the background. When i finished, i had nearly $100 of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that I put back in our economy, which doesn’t really want it. What is cash money?

Kaiya is not the shortest girl on her team, but she comes by her petite size honestly. Her mother is petite, and her great grandmother (my mom) was tiny as can be. That makes me even prouder to see her fighting for rebounds. I took this picture because the size difference made me laugh….

Seasons Change
It’s been an unseasonably warm autumn thus far. I’m not complaining, though I would like to be able to use my big comforter a bit more than I do. The weather forecaster tells me that temperatures should drop next week, and, in fact, there is a chance for a rain/snow mix on Wednesday. We will be leaving at a good time.

The little girl that sits in front of us at church most Sundays, turned around to greet me this past weekend. “It’s my half birthday,” she said proudly. “I’m 5-1/2. We wished her a happy half birthday. Bill told her, “My birthday is coming soon, and I’ll be 79 years old. She gave him look that clearly said how is it that you are even still alive? As I always say, birthday celebrations are for kids.


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