Saturday Smile: The Chase is On

Bill and I own two houses. Between the two houses there are three different types of garbage pickup on three different days of the week that we have to remember. There are three different types of collecting cans (recycling, composting, and garbage) in five different colors. Given that we have trouble remembering the proper names of our grandkids, it’s remarkable that we generally come close to getting the correct cans out on the correct days of the week.

This past Tuesday, the City and County of Denver picked up three different kinds of trash — garbage, recycling, and composting. We had two of the three out on the curb the night before. I thought Bill had taken the very-full composting can to the curb and he thought I had. I happened to be looking out the window and saw the composting truck coming down the street

“You put out the compost can, didn’t you?” I asked, remembering that it was full of all sorts of stinky foods and boxes and other compostable items.

All of the sudden, Bill came running out of the kitchen and out the front door. He was in his pajamas. He grabbed the can, and began chasing the truck down the street. The garbage collector noticed the crazy man chasing him down, and put on his brakes, stopping in the nick of time.

With a wave, he dumped the can and took off.

As for me, I was laughing so hard at the sight that I couldn’t do anything but wave back.

Have a great weekend.

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