Thursday Thoughts

Movin’ On Out
I attempted to put the ziti casserole that I had made for Jen’s birthday into the freezer yesterday morning, and it was a big No Can Do. There wasn’t a space to be had. As I searched frantically for ways to make room, things were falling onto the floor. Voila! I thought. Why don’t I get the message, and use those things that are begging to be used by literally falling at my feet. So I took the two peaches (they were wrapped in plastic) and pulled out five more from the freezer. I used them to make a pie, which I took over to Court and his family. (I sent him a text in which I asked if they were interested in a peach pie, with a resounding YES as the answer.) I then opened the two bags of frozen broccoli that have been waiting to be put into soup, and did exactly that. I made some of my mother’s broccoli soup for my lunch. Every time I make my mom’s broccoli soup, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. It’s very easy, and oh so tasty. The ziti casserole slipped right into my freezer where it will await Jen’s getting well enough to see us. By the way, though it had nothing at all to do with cleaning out my freezer, I also made one of my famous six inch cakes, this time chocolate for Bill…..

No More Lap Sitting
You might recall that Bill’s daughter Heather and our grandson Joseph came for a quick visit a week or so ago. They stopped over at our house so that Heather could say hello to Jen, who was visiting. I wanted her to see Joseph, because she hadn’t seen him for quite some time. She was, as expected, surprised at how much he has grown. The thing is, the boy is only 12, and still wants some cuddling. I couldn’t help but laugh as he crawled onto his mom’s lap……

I think it’s getting close to the days when there will be no more lap sitting.

Happy Birthday Mom
Today is my mother’s birthday. She would be 95 years old today. It’s pretty unlikely that she would have lived to her mid-90s, even if she hadn’t gotten sick at such a young age. There is scarcely a day that goes by that I don’t think about my mother in some respect or another. I’ve long forgotten the sound of her voice, but I haven’t forgotten her mannerisms, her hands, her smile, her sense of humor, or how hard she loved her husband, her kids, and her grandkids. Happy birthday in heaven!

Off We Go
Bill and I travel to our AZ home every fall to open up the house, and check to make sure things are as they should be. My brother keeps a close eye on our house, so we don’t worry to much about the latter. But it is nice to open the windows and cook a bit to get the house feeling like home. It’s dead air when we arrive, but we liven it up pretty quickly. We fly out on Bill’s birthday, which is October 19, and will stay a month, arriving home the week before Thanksgiving.

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