Saturday Smile: Bitchin’

I was over saying goodbye to Adelaide last week as she prepared to go back to Fort Collins where she is attending college. She and her mother Jll and I were chatting when Jll’s phone dinged, indicating a text message. It was from Addie’s sister Dagny, who was with friends. Here is how the message thread went:

Dagny: Hey mom if I find a homecoming dress today will you pay me back

Jll: Yes. Within reason. What is the price range?

Dagny: I don’t know yet.

(A bit of silence.)

Then, another ding. Jll’s eyes got big and she looked at Addie for assistance. Here’s why…..

Dagny: Can I get a bitch dress too

Addie and I spent the next few moments trying to think why our sweet little Dee would want a bitch dress (whatever that was).


Jll: Pardon?

Dagny: OMG. I meant church dress.

There was a great deal of relief in that room, let me tell you. And a great deal of laughter. Ya gotta love autocorrect.

Have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Bitchin’

  1. Ha ha! That was a good one. I had this experience once when I sent an important mail to all my team in Houston. The next day when I asked them if they had followed the instructions in my mail, they all nodded enthusiastically. Then one of them asked, “It was an encouraging mail. Then why were you ashamed of it?”

    That’s when I realised that the mail was signed at the end as “Ashamed”! Auto-correct had ‘corrected’ my name from Asha to Ashamed!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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